• Examples of weight unit conversions

    carats to grams
    carats to grammes
    carats to kilos
    carats to kgs
    carats to kilograms
    carats to kilogrammes
    carats to ounces
    carats to ozs
    carats to pounds
    carats to lbs
    grams to carats
    grams to hundredweight
    grams to kilos
    grams to kgs
    grams to kilograms
    grams to kilogrammes
    grams to ounces
    grams to ozs
    grams to pounds
    grams to lbs
    grammes to carats
    grammes to hundredweight
    grammes to kilos
    grammes to kgs
    grammes to kilograms
    grammes to kilogrammes
    grammes to ounces
    grammes to ozs
    grammes to pounds
    grammes to lbs
    hundredweight to kilos
    hundredweight to kgs
    hundredweight to kilograms
    hundredweight to kilogrammes
    hundredweight to ounces
    hundredweight to ozs
    hundredweight to pounds
    hundredweight to lbs
    hundredweight to tons
    hundredweight to tonnes
    kilos to carats
    kilos to grams
    kilos to grammes
    kilos to hundredweight
    kilos to ounces
    kilos to ozs
    kilos to pounds
    kilos to lbs
    kilos to tons
    kilos to tonnes
    kgs to carats
    kgs to grams
    kgs to grammes
    kgs to hundredweight
    kgs to ounces
    kgs to ozs
    kgs to pounds
    kgs to lbs
    kgs to tons
    kgs to tonnes
    kilograms to carats
    kilograms to grams
    kilograms to grammes
    kilograms to hundredweight
    kilograms to ounces
    kilograms to ozs
    kilograms to pounds
    kilograms to lbs
    kilograms to tons
    kilograms to tonnes
    kilogrammes to carats
    kilogrammes to grams
    kilogrammes to grammes
    kilogrammes to hundredweight
    kilogrammes to ounces
    kilogrammes to ozs
    kilogrammes to pounds
    kilogrammes to lbs
    kilogrammes to tons
    kilogrammes to tonnes
    ounces to carats
    ounces to grams
    ounces to grammes
    ounces to hundredweight
    ounces to kilos
    ounces to kgs
    ounces to kilograms
    ounces to kilogrammes
    ounces to pounds
    ounces to lbs
    ounces to tons
    ounces to tonnes
    ozs to carats
    ozs to grams
    ozs to grammes
    ozs to hundredweight
    ozs to kilos
    ozs to kgs
    ozs to kilograms
    ozs to kilogrammes
    ozs to pounds
    ozs to lbs
    ozs to tons
    ozs to tonnes
    pounds to carats
    pounds to grams
    pounds to grammes
    pounds to hundredweight
    pounds to kilos
    pounds to kgs
    pounds to kilograms
    pounds to kilogrammes
    pounds to ounces
    pounds to ozs
    pounds to tons
    pounds to tonnes
    lbs to carats
    lbs to grams
    lbs to grammes
    lbs to hundredweight
    lbs to kilos
    lbs to kgs
    lbs to kilograms
    lbs to kilogrammes
    lbs to ounces
    lbs to ozs
    lbs to tons
    lbs to tonnes
    tons to hundredweight
    tons to kilos
    tons to kgs
    tons to kilograms
    tons to kilogrammes
    tons to pounds
    tons to lbs
    tonnes to hundredweight
    tonnes to kilos
    tonnes to kgs
    tonnes to kilograms
    tonnes to kilogrammes
    tonnes to pounds
    tonnes to lbs