Fuel Consumption Conversion

The following utility will allow you to convert between fuel consumption expressed in one unit to another unit

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Fuel consumption is generally expressed as MPG (Miles Per Gallon) but nowadays the expression litres per 100km (L/100km) is also becoming popular.
The information in the table below provides a method of converting from MPG to the listed expression.
Scheme Convert to Multiply MPG by
U.S. gallon Metres per Cubic meter (m/m³) 425 143.7
U.S. gallon Kilometre per litre (km/L) 0.425 143 7
U.K. & Canada gallon Metres per Cubic meter (m/m³) 354 006.2
U.K. & Canada gallon Kilometre per litre (km/L) 0.354 006 2

To calculate Litres per one hundred kilometres (L/100km) first calculate the Kilometres per Litre (km/L) using the above table then divide 100 by this km/litre value.

For example you have a truck that returns 25mpg (based on U.S. gallons) and you wish to compare that figure with another truck which has a fuel consumption quoted in litres per 100km. 1st calculate the kilometres per litre

km/L = 25 multiplied by 0.425 This equals 10.625 kilometres per litre.

2nd calculate the litres per 100km

L/100km = 100 divided by 10.625 This equals 9.412 litres per 100 kilometres(L/100km)