Pressure conversion

The following utility will enable you to convert pressure expressed in one unit to another unit

For very small numbers or to improve rounding you can use this to control the number of decimal places displayed
Pressure is generally expressed in pascals (Pa).
The information in the table below provides a method of converting pressure from other units to pascals.
Convert from these to pascals (Pa)multiply by
standard atmosphere (atm)101 325
technical atmosphere (atm)98066.5
bar (bar)100 000
dyne per sq centimetre (dyn/cm²)0.1
gram-force per sq centimetre (gf/cm²)98.066 5
kilogram-force per sq centimetre (kgf/cm²)98 066.5
kilopascal (kPa)1 000
megapascal (MPa)1 000 000
millibar (mbar)100
pound force/sq inch - PSI (lbf/in²)6 894.757
centimetre of mercury(0°c)1 333.22
std centimetre of mercury (cmHg)1 333.224
millimetre of mercury (mmHg)133.322 4
inch of mercury (32°C)3 368.38
conventional inch of mercury (inHg)3 386.389
centimetre of water (cmH2O)98.066 5